Music Therapy, and Using Music in Therapy by Matthew J. Bush, MSW, LSW, licensed therapist

“Examines the power of using popular music, something people already listen to, as a way for people to express their feelings.  Includes examples of therapeutic messages in popular music as well as original music by Freudian Slip, therapeutic rock band.”  This music is used to carry therapeutic messages to encourage positive changes in children and adolescents. “Matthew J. Bush, MSW, LSW is an experienced clinical and state licensed therapist who has successfully applied this music therapy technique to countless children and adolescents in his work.”

“Music is as natural as sun or rain.  I’d hate to imagine our world without it, for my heart is a song.”  – Big Bird

Native Drum Music by David and Steve Gordon

I have used this music for years and seen firsthand, its powerful calming effect upon children.  They love it and I still love it as much now, as when I first heard it.  The deep percussion sounds of the drums combine with native flutes and wilderness sounds to make music that just invites you to listen. The native drum music is enjoyed by children and adults alike. These 3 albums have received rave reviews from Billboard.  Of the three, the Drum Medicine album is the most calming and grounding, so I often start with this one. Carrie

Album Titles:
Sacred Earth Drums
Sacred Spirit Drums
Drum Medicine

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Please note: Due to the deep resonating pitches in the music, this music should never be listened to over headphones.  They should only played on stereos or in “open air.”   I’ve noticed that frequently children like to move close to the speaker and listen to it at a higher volume to feel the music resonating in their bodies.